As with most ministries, we need your help. We are all volunteers giving our time freely to this ministry. No one on this team receives any funds, as our aim is to see people freed from traditions of man.


We need help and support in the following areas:

  • PRAYER: If you can pray regularly for this ministry we would be grateful.
  • AWARENESS: We need help with promoting the book, and need people to put a link on their site, be it Facebook or any social network site or any and every website.
  • LINK US: If you can help to contact as many Messianic groups, fellowships, congregations and sites to have them feature a link, that would be great. Just email us for the logo/link or use the one at the bottom of this page.
  • DONATIONS: We need donations to print more copies so we can reach even more of those who are lost. We have a number of prisoners, and those seeking truth wanting a copy. We need to be able to print as many as possible so if you can help, please let us know by clicking on the DONATE button
  • ORDER BULK: Help us reach the world with His Truth through this book, and if you would like to print a large amount of these for your ministry or fellowship please view the BULK ORDER page.

Thank you,
Vain Traditions Team